About Us

Welcome to Adams Accessories!

We are a gifting brand exclusively for men specialised in Personal gifting, groomsmen gifting & General Corporate gifting. 

Adams Accessories was founded with every man in mind to solve the question; 

What can I give my man or the male figure in my life”?



  • QUALITY OF PRODUCTS : While we strive daily to provide several options from different brands to meet your gifting needs, we make sure that all designer items are authentic and procured directly from the source or licensed distributors. This means that we do not stock fakes or replicas.
  • WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONS:  We’re here to provide you with several options, several brands and a worthwhile experience. The truth is, there’s always going to be a curation for you regardless of how many times you shop, WE CAN ASSURE YOU.
  • THOUGHTFUL & MEANINGFUL GIFTS: At  Adams accessories, we’re very intentional about the options we recommend. All year round, we have our antennas up trying to understand the average man irrespective of his age, style or preference so we can better come up with gifts that suit and fit. We have a track record of delivering this so efficiently. 100% care, love & thought goes into every of our curations & every box shopped and created here is intended to be relatable & a true reflection of the recipient. 
  • CONVENIENCE : We’re a service set up to relieve you of the stress of thinking and store-trotting in quest of finding the perfect gift. Most of our curations are premeditated. Essentially, we do the thinking while you do the gifting and it doesn’t just stop there, we ensure that it’s also delivered whenever you decide.
  • QUALITY OF SERVICE : For us, the experience goes far beyond curating the perfect and ideal gift. Deadlines are so important to us that’s why we came up with this equation

Perfect gift x Perfect time = Happy Client

Hence, we partner with credible third party logistics services within the country and internationally who work hand in hand with us to ensure a smooth and timely delivery. 


"Gifts for him or even Gifts for Men", "About Adams Accessories"