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Bluetooth Smart Finder - Easy to find your Phones, Keys, wallets etc

Bluetooth Smart Finder - Easy to find your Phones, Keys, wallets etc

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It’s no news that most men have the habit of loosing their things & asking everyone for the whereabouts. They look for their watches, keys, wallets & even the right pair of their socks.

The Smart Finder is the perfect gift for anyone who’s primarily disorganized or anyone atall.

Say Goodbye to having to look for your essentials like keys, wallets, phones, bags etc

It comes with a manual that’s easy to set up & uses the SMART LIFE APP. It can be downloaded from the App Store or google play store & works perfectly for both androids & IPhones. 


  • Download the app, connect your phone to the app & connect the device to your phone (detailed step by step setup can be found in manual) 
  • Whenever you’re looking for your phone, even if it’s on silent, you can call your phone using the device.


  • Attach the device to your keys, wallets & any other essential, that frequently gets lost.
  • If you’re looking for the item, you can call it using your phone.
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